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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fire your Pastor!

Do not allow him to tell you what to believe anymore!  Really.  Why?  It is your responsibility.  When you stand before God he is not going to ask you what your pastor thinks or believes, he is going to ask you what you think and believe.  God isn't interested on how close your pastor walks with Him – He is interested in how close you walk with Him.
Your pastor's job is not to walk with God for you - FIRE HIM!
It does not matter how deeply your pastor studies the Word of God, it matters how deeply you do.  It does not matter how much the pastor shares his faith, it matters how much you do.

Our pastors are not intended to be surrogates for our walk with God, or our service for God.  It is our responsibility.

If you do not know how to study the Bible, pray, share your faith, find someone who can show you how.  Your pastor leaps to mind, that is what Ephesians 4:11 – 13 says he is supposed to be doing.  But if he is doing it for you – FIRE HIM.  Do it yourself.


  1. If all the attendees in the churches got a hold of this and realized this is what we "Christians" were supposed to be, a lot of pastors (not to mention Christian "disciplers") would loose their flocks and church real estate would be real cheap to acquire.

    But in my experience, it's more difficult that it should be. It's so much easier (if a whole lot less nourishing) to eat pre-digested or re-digested food! I think Jesus said something like "follow Me" a few times.

  2. Either that or the pastors and the disciplers would start doing what Ephesians 4 says they are supposed to do - equip the saints...