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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sovereign Love

“The cancer is stage IV, if not treated, six months.”
When your loved ones face challenges, terminal ones, where is God in that?
Three weeks earlier we celebrated his 90th birthday with 76 of dad’s friends.  Now my dad was telling me that the piece of chicken that got stuck during the meal revealed this news.  Untreated he said, prognosis was six months.  Treated, well there are too many variables.

He is a strong 90.  Still plays golf.  Other than this stage IV cancer he is strong as an ox.

Yesterday I shared that Word, specifically, studies on the sovereignty and love of God got me through some pretty tough challenges that started in the early 80’s – let me be clear, those studies were the bed rock but we were continually in the Word of God in study since then…

The thing I am learning through this – thus far is that it is much easier for me to deal with my challenges with the knowledge of God’s love an sovereignty than it is to watch my dad go through this.  Nevertheless, his challenge, like mine, is under those umbrellas.  For me it is learning to trust and accept at an entirely different level.