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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Looking for... 3

You have probably heard the adage, “If you see a “therefore” in the Bible you have to look and see what it is there for.”  (Note: I wrote about this earlier here and here.)  “Therefore” typically indicates that what follows is the result of what came before.  It is a literary sign post, a marker that an author uses to construct his argument.
What else can we look for in Bible study?  Repeated signposts - what's that?
“Therefore” is not the only word like that.  “If” is another; most times but not always it is accompanied by a following “then.”  Sometimes the “then” is implied.  That combination indicates condition and the result of a condition.  Here is a list of words that are also signposts.

A few days ago we talked about repetition.  The emphasis there was on words or terms.  When you combine repetition with signposts it gives you a lot to observe and ask questions.  Take a look at 1 John 1.  One of the sign posts above is repeated five times.  What questions does that raise for you?

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