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Friday, February 15, 2013

Looking for... What?

Driving down to see my dad last weekend I listened to 12 messages on Bible study by Prof Hendricks – I know.  One of the things he said in a couple of the messages is that the only difference between a good Bible student and one who is struggling is that the good student sees more than the one struggling.  One reason, the good student knows the thing for which he supposed to be looking.  He’s right.
The amount of space given to a topic in a book of a Bible is a clue to its importance.
So I thought sprinkled in the next few weeks I will give you some things for which you might look in your Bible study.  The first is proportion…

That means the amount of space given to a topic or an event.  The more space in relation to the total work, the more important that which is being shared by the author is.  For example the 21 chapters of the gospel of John cover about 3.5 years of Jesus’ life.  Chapters 13 – 17 cover about 6 hours.  That is about .096% of Jesus’ life yet John devotes 23.8% of his gospel to that six hours.  That might suggest it is important.  You would need to validate that importance during your study, but the sheer weight of the proportion calls attention to that section of the gospel.

More to look for in later posts.