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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Survival Essential

There was two of him.  A second before there wasn’t.  As I was watching him ski down the slope the student I was skiing with split into two identical people.  I was pretty sure he wasn't a twin.  Being the astute observer that I am, I said to myself, “Something’s wrong.”  The rest of the day skiing and the drive home from Ashville to Knoxville was interesting.
You think Bible study is a good thing to do?  Wrong.  It is survival.
The next morning everything was back together again – well at least until halfway through the 10:00 AM service, at which point I was suddenly looking at two preachers.  Hmm, to which one of these guys should I listen?

Four years, seven operations, and multiple weeks in hospitals later – we still did not know what caused it or what it was.  The next to last operation was four days after our third child was born.  I will not go into details but suffice it to say I do not remember much of that year from July to December.

Twice the docs told my wife I had cancer.  I did not.  The night before the first surgery my wife and my new born first son were at home, I knew the next morning when they asked me to count backward I would wake up either in heaven or recovery… praying through that it was ok.  The next to last time I was 4 hours away from my wife my 4 year old son, my 2 year old daughter, and my new born son… knowing that when I counted backwards… I was less ok.

Just before this started I was studying the Sovereignty of God with a close friend and ministry partner in Knoxville.  We had already studied the Love of God together.  Until this started the study was intriguing, challenging, and at some level academic.  Those studies sustained me through this journey.

We sometimes approach Bible study as something good to do, sort of like getting a spiritual merit badge.  It is intriguing, it is interesting, probably should look into it… good idea for those who are really committed, I will get to that after…

Trust me.  In this life, if you claim to be a follower of Christ, it is critically essential.  It is the only thing that got me through 1981 – now.  The seven operations were a cake walk to some of the things that followed.  Certainly easier than what we are facing now.

Do not put it off another day.

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