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Sunday, September 30, 2012


In Mark 1, if you look at the NASB, the word, εὐθὺς, which is translated “immediately,” is repeated about 14 times of the 44 times the word appears in the gospel.  The chapter depicts a rather busy day.  I wrote about this back in February but it bears repeating.
In the midst of a busy, hectic life we need to pull aside and spend time with the one who should be guiding us.
We are a busy culture.  As I have said before John Eldredge calls busyness the spirit of the age – that is not a positive statement by the way.  We pack our days full, we over commit, we run from meeting to meeting like lemmings racing over the cultural cliff.  Mark 1 shows a compressed period of time in which Christ was extremely busy.  The alarm on His iPhone was constantly going off moving Him to the next event.  He was mobbed by people wanting His care and healing.  He healed a lot of them – the whole city showed up…

His response to that press, that success, that overwhelming popularity is counter intuitive.  Look at Mark 1:35, He did not stay engaged with them.  Where I would have slept in after at time like that, He rose very early and went out to pray, to spend time with the one who was directing His activities.

In the midst of the onslaught of the daily grind, we would do well to follow His example.  To pull away, early, when it is quiet, and seek Him.  There may be something to which He wishes us to say no.

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