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Thursday, September 6, 2012


I started writing this twice already and both times realized that I had already shared the thoughts on the passages.  So I set this aside and fixed breakfast.  While doing that task I was thinking about the near repeat of content.
We need to work on our relationship with Christ so that we do not stay in the same place - not growing.
All of us tend to live in constrained spaces.  In their 1996 book The Bell Curve, Herrnstein and Murray observed that most of us gravitate to people with whom we agree and tend to live in semi isolation only exposed to that with which we are familiar.  While comfortable, that creates a limited view of life and reality.

It occurs to me that includes our relationship with Christ.  We have our favorite passages and our developed view of Him and His Word.  We tend to wish to stay comfortable in our relationship with Christ, staying with what we know and listening to teachers, pastors, and scholars that reinforce what we believe to be true.  At some level that is appropriate.

However, the Scripture tells us that God is infinite.  Since I am not, I need other people’s perspective on who He is.  My understanding of the Scripture needs to be challenged so that I do not take for granted Him who is majestic beyond my comprehension.  We need each other to follow hard after God and to share what we are learning with each other, pushing one another to know more of Him.

Not getting comfortable and repeating the same aspect of our relationship with Him over and over and over and…

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