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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Technical Difficulties

This morning a group of us launched into 2 Corinthians 1.  The group is a rich mix of opinion and interaction.  I facilitate the group and had prepared a powerpoint set of slides with the text of the chapter for us to work through together.
You do not need a flashy presentation to be effective.  You just need the Word.
I do most, probably 98% of my study on my laptop.  It is past due for replacement and I have kept it going for the past year with an external drive to take the pressure off of the internal drive.  I beat it hard every day because I will typically have 5 – 10 programs running simultaneously, the word processor, the program used to chart sections of scripture, a couple of Bible programs, background music – Mozart, and the browser with at least five tabs open.  Point is I work it hard.

So this morning it would not start at the church.  I got a screen that I had never seen before telling me the computer would not start and it was trying to repair itself…  So this is going on as I am gathering prayer requests.  While writing down the requests in the back of my mind I am coming up with alternatives to work through the text together…

The time this morning was not as effective as I hoped it would have been.  The reason, partially, I was distracted by the challenges with the computer.  I use technology in all of my presentations, DVDs, MP3s, projectors.  I have to get back to the place that if things do not work, and they don’t all of the time, I have to be able to communicate without those aids.  As a culture we have become dependent to an extreme on being entertained as we learn.  I have fallen into that trap because it is effective.  But in doing so I have to remember that God’s Word is what is living and active, not the presentation.  I have to trust in His desire to engage in people’s lives not my presentation.

All this to say you do not need a flowery all put together schtik to engage your kids, just read ‘em the Bible.

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