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Friday, September 28, 2012


I am not a big fan of Philippians 2.  Especially not fond of 2:14.  I mean "some things" OK, but "all things," really?  I keep looking in that chapter for loopholes.  Can’t find any.  One approach I took was to suggest that Paul was using hyperbole; you know making an exaggeration to make a point like a lot of preachers do...  that did not work either.
When you find a passage of Scripture that you do not like, what do you do?  Look for loopholes?  Try to make it not apply because it is cultural?
Another argument I tried was that he was talking about Christ and the assignment to think like Christ was just too much.  After all Isaiah 55:8 - 9 tells me that His thoughts are above mine so how can I possibly have the same mindset that He had.  If I had stopped there I would have been OK, escaped the command, proved the hyperbole, but silly me I kept reading.

I noticed that in 1:24 - 25 that Paul put the Philippians' interests ahead of his in that though he wanted to go on to be with Christ, since it was better for his readers for him to stay, he knew he was going to do that.  Then after describing Christ emptying Himself in 2:7, he describes himself as being poured out as an offering in 2:17.  Sounds a lot like emptying himself.  So my argument became, “Well, Paul is special, I cannot be expected to do what he did after all he is an apostle who was appointed directly by Christ post-resurrection.”  That didn't work either…

More on that tomorrow...

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