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Friday, September 14, 2012


There was a bit of hesitation yesterday before I posted “Incest.”  The reason, is probably obvious, it is a delicate topic.  There was no appropriate image thus the “No.”
The world is continually pressuring us to accept its standards.  We have to be continually in the Word to both resist that pressure and train our kids to do the same.
It is important that we process life with and for our kids through a Biblical world view.  Not the Biblical world view that has the blessing of the evangelical majority, rather what the Bible says.  The evangelical community is under continual pressure to conform to the current secular world view as are we; Romans 12:2 is a constant reminder of that reality.  Unfortunately, in some cases the evangelical community or our individual churches have not resisted well.

That is why we must continually return to the Word ourselves.  We cannot allow others to tell us what the Bible says without critically checking them against the Word of God.  My opinion, your opinion, your pastor’s opinion, your small group leader’s opinion is irrelevant.  What matters is God’s opinion.  Fortunately He has given it.

This requires that we are in the word for ourselves and have developed the skills necessary to study on our own.  The scripture calls this “Noble minded,” Acts 17:11.

Push the world back from your thoughts and train your kids to do the same.


  1. Good post.
    Unfortunately, or maybe not, at this point in my life, I am very wary and not entirely pleased with the "evangelical community" or "organized religion" as a whole. Trying to guard myself from that boiling over to God Himself has been tough at times, but I have to keep reminding myself of the Word. and, so I thank you for posting this today.

    1. Chuck's response to you is good. Ray even though we may find fault with the evangelical community, we are part of it. It is our responsibility to use our gifts to build up that community. From time to time that means that we challenge what they are doing or the decisions they have made.

      It does not mean that we extract ourselves from engagement with them. For we are them.

  2. Good comment, Ray, and I agree. But I will take it yet another step - I can't trust myself when it comes to rigorous evaluation through the Word of my life and responses. That's why I need brothers to walk with who are honest and more concerned about truth and my alignment than they are about jobs, retirement and their kids progress in private schools (none of which are at all bad in balance). The way our culture is disintegrating I think there is going to be some natural sifting of our "evangelical community."

    I'm just plunging into a study in Romans 12 with some others, and I expect to be rocked....

  3. Chuck and Mike,
    Both good responses. And that is my struggle...I am not leaving the church, and I don't want to, I just am at odds with many facets of "politics" in the church and that was why I posted that. I have to remember not to let my issues with those issues affect my relationship with the Lord and His Word. Unfortunately, that has been the case lately...and I am working on correcting that. Not only with my personal relationship, but trying to get conversation started with other members of the community to talk through the issues I am having.
    Thanks again guys!