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Monday, September 3, 2012

Strengthened 5

For the past few days I have shared some thoughts on Psalm 139:1 – 3.  This will be the last observation this time around.  I mentioned in the first post that that it was verse 3 that grabbed my attention.  We will look at that verse today.
If we are to be strengthened like David, we have to plug into God as David did.
David says that God responded on the day he called.  When I read a verse like that I tend to focus on the fact that God responded quickly.  The thing I tend to overlook is the generalization of what David did.  Verses 1 and 2 describe the particulars of David’s “call.”  We have already examined those in detail, He:

  • Gave thanks
  • Sang praises
  • Bowed down
  • Gave thanks again

That was David’s “call” that God answered on the day of the “call.”  It wasn't a couple of second, “Help me out of this, please,” type of prayer of which most of mine seem to consist.  David really engaged.  His focus was on the majesty of God and thankfulness for what God had already done.  Further this was no shallow engagement; rather it was focused passion on David’s part.

I crave the result, to be made “bold with strength in my soul.”  For that to happen it would seem that I have to approach my Lord with David’s passion.

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