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Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Blast from My Past

This one is going to be a departure from the rest of this blog… fair warning…

On this night 50 years ago I was in the den of our house in Dallas.  Less than three months before, John Kennedy had been shot, I remember where I was sitting in class when the principal told us over the intercom.  That night in February we had the black and white Zenith portable TV tuned to the Ed Sullivan show.  The Beatles were going to be on.  We watched, I was floored.
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That summer we lived in New York City.  My dad’s company was recruiting him to move to headquarters there.  While we were there, our neighbor across the alley was able to get two tickets for the Beatles Concert.  My dad refused to move the family to New York so in the fall we were back in Dallas.

On September 18th, 1964, my parents took my neighbor and me to Memorial Auditorium for the concert.  I already was playing guitar then, but that year kicked me into a higher gear.  I played in a garage band in high school and for friends and in a coffee shop during college, in my office today you will see four of the instruments I play, two more are in a closet and my son has my Fender Mustang.

There are things that we remember.  Events that are etched deeply into our lives that year, that concert, was one of those experiences for me.  I have been to a lot of concerts since then.  That one is unforgettable.

John Lennon once said, infamously, that they were more popular than Jesus.  He was wrong.  The Beatles impacted my life, they were important to me, still are.  But they did and cannot redeem me.  Only Jesus could do that.  My kids love the music.  I have given that to them.  But, they love Christ more.

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