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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Pressure of the Wicked

This morning in Psalm 55 I felt like I was reading the story of my life.  I have written about this Psalm before and the distraction that is life.  But focus for a moment on verse 3.  Specifically look at the second way that David says that he is distracted, “…because of the pressure of the wicked.”  That your experience?  It is mine.
Do you ever feel pressured by the wicked?  Thoughts at DTTB.
The enemy has recruited a legion of helpers.  Those who are continuing to live in rebellion to God and who are actively evangelizing others to do the same.  That is the rub.  We are to be about evangelizing the wicked to come to Him.  All the while they are pressuring us to join them in sin.  Everywhere we turn we are beset with invitations and opportunities to rebel, to engage in thought or action that is contrary to God’s purpose and design for us.  How do we stand against this?

It seems to me that the answer may be in the first four phrases of Psalm 55:1 – 2:
  • Give ear to my prayer
  • Do not hide Thyself from my supplication
  • Give heed to me
  • Answer me
David’s request is that the Lord deliver him from distraction, from the voice, and the pressure of the wicked.  Prayer.  And I have been reading The Divine Conspiracy and Practicing His Presence, those conspire to lead me to 1 Thessalonians 5:17 and John 15:5.

Perhaps it is only as we practice David’s requests continually that we will be able to not only withstand the pressure of the wicked but also pull some of them out of the fire.

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