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Sunday, November 11, 2012


There was a unique experience this weekend.  My 40th college reunion was held.  Saturday I attended with around 300 of my classmates.  The class is unique.  The state governor, the chancellor of the university, and the dean of student affairs are all members of my class, there are also several others who are congressmen or who have served in other public offices.  That does not account for the many leaders of companies that were present.
Ever been with a homogeneous group of people who were all deliriously excited about the same thing?  That is a very little taste of heaven.
That afternoon we watched the football game in the former student’s center.  You are probably wondering about now what in the world this has to do with Dads Teaching the Bible, wait for it…  The room we were in was two stories tall with a AV wall that was at least 60’ X 20’.  Everyone and I mean everyone in the room was intent on one purpose that was cheering the team on to victory.  At every turn of the game there were cheers, loud cheers, or else groans of displeasure mixed with various levels of imprecations directed at either officials or else errant players – as if they could hear us.  Our team prevailed against significant odds.

Reflecting on the Joy of the moment and the remaining afterglow of the weekend, it occurs to me that in some small way what I experienced this weekend was a glimpse of glory.  I am in no way suggesting that a football victory is equal to heaven, but the context.  All in the room celebrating with one heart and one mind celebrating the victory of the team they support.  It reminded me in a very small way of Revelation 21:22 – 22:5.  All of the believers from throughout the ages reunited in the city of God, in continuous celebration of the Lamb’s victory – the difference is that there is no afterglow – the celebration is infinitely more intense and eternal.

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  1. Congratulations, Mike. Any team that beats Alabama is in my fan book :). Experiences like yours last Saturday are sadly very rare on this side. Of course, disharmony is to be expected post Genesis 3. One side angle on this is that in Christ we have a basis for setting aside the factors that can so divide us (politics, cultural sensibilities, financial status, even much doctrine and deeply held convictions) to gain greater understanding, perspective as well as expose our own biases and false thinking. If our focus is Christ, not peripherals, soul-enhancing unity can emerge where it's important, revealing the greater glory of Christ (who loves diversity) and uniting us around the Revelation future.