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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Two things today.
Today is the first anniversary of Dads Teach the Bible.  Thanks for reading.
First, today starts the second year for this Blog.  Thanks to all of you who have been reading for the past year.  Looking at the statistics from Google Analytics there is an average of about 1400 people who are reading this each month.  Someone from just about every country that has internet has read the blog.  It is overwhelming.  My ultimate audience is Christ.  This is done for Him, in obedience to His leading, so success is measured here by whether He is pleased.

Second, do you ever run across passages in the Bible that just do not make sense to you?  Or else you read them and think or say to yourself, “There is no way I can do that.”
When I get confused and perplexed by the Bible it is usually because I am asking the wrong questions.
wice today for me.

The first is Malachi 4:4 – 6.  If I were about to shut down communication for 400 years those are not the two things with which I would close.  I struggled with this for about an hour this morning.  I drew diagrams in my journal, prayed through the passage.  The breakthrough came when I realized I was asking the wrong question.  I should not have been asking why God did this; rather the question should have been how this command prepares the way for Christ’s ministry.  Still do not have a good answer but at least I am asking the right question.

The second struggle was in 1 Peter 3:1 – 12.  I listed in my journal what is required of the wife, the husband, and then both… at the end of the entry I wrote, “This is flat impossible.”  Figuratively, I was throwing up my hands in surrender…  Then it occurred to me that was precisely the point.  There is no way any human can live like this without surrender and complete dependence on Christ.

There is more here but this is getting long.  Look forward to the next year with you…

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