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Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to Avoid Burnout

Yesterday I shared the idea that as we get older, our physical capacity diminishes.  I also suggested that because of the way God had directed our lives it should be the most impactful and fruitful time of our lives.  The two seem contradictory, I know.  But it is nevertheless true.
How do we keep from burning out in the Christian Life and finish strong.
However, there are choices we must make in order to align the richness of what God has invested in our lives with the limiting factors of the reality of getting older.  We have to say no more in order to have a greater impact.  Some would call it focus.  If we do not we will continue to expend energy and increasingly limited resources on endeavors in which we may have a modicum of success, but are not the major wins for which we are created.  We have an enemy who will continue to present an unending stream of those types of opportunities to us in order to keep us from engaging in that which would be the most impactful.  If we do not figure this out, we will not end well.  We will be like the majority, working to retire, essentially sitting on the bench, burned out, and waiting for the end of the game when we should be on the field running pell-mell through the enemy.

Problem is most of us do not have a good handle on where we can make our best contribution.  We have, in some cases, a vague idea, but we have not taken the time to really take stock of our lives while asking God to reveal what He wants us to do with that with which He has equipped us.

There are ways.  Both Gary Barkalow and Dave Jewitt have ministries that focus on helping folks figure this out.  I have worked with both men and highly recommend their ministries.  I have worked more closely with Dave since we both live in Tulsa, and I coach men through his material.  If you are interested in avoiding burnout and making the biggest contribution with the time you have left (Psalm 90:12) do one of three things: