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Friday, November 16, 2012

What Is This About...

Today is the 366th day in a row I have posted here.  It is the 368th post because there were two on the first day and I posted a second on 12/21/11 that was a link to an article that I found helpful, nobody else read that post or article…  So after a year of doing this, it is probably a good idea to review why…
So, I have been doing this for a year.  Why?
The answer was delivered with force yesterday in two separate meetings about an hour apart; the first with a small group of men, the second one on one.  Toward the end of the first meeting, one of the men said (paraphrased), “When we started this at the first of the summer, I did not know how to do this, and it seemed overwhelming.  But this is easy.  I know how to do this with any section of scripture now.”  Two hours later, the guy with whom I was meeting expressed a similar thought, we had worked through part of a book together and he had moved from reading past the text to what he thought it should say to reading the text and letting it speak for itself.

There was another meeting about two years ago, about which I wrote a couple of months ago.  These three scenarios plus many more like them, drive me.

We cannot grow in our relationship with the Lord apart from time with Him in His Word.  Not just reading, but studying, digging.  The purpose of this Blog and Entrusting Truth, is to help equip you to do just that.  Let me know how we can help.

PS.  We are tentatively planning a Fathers and Sons retreat at Spring Valley Ranch, March 22 – 24th.  The purpose of the retreat will be to help you to engage more effectively with your sons.  You could use this as a rites of passage for you and your son.  We are still working out the details if you are interested in this type of thing let me know by clicking here.  Watch the Events tab above for the details.  There are several great activities available including shooting range, zip line, and four wheel trails.  Let me know and I will let you know.