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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stand Alone - Inadequate

For the past couple of days the life of Josiah has intrigued me.  You can read about him in 2 Kings 21:24 – 23:27.  I was most impressed with what the Holy Spirit said about him in 23:25.  Think of it he was more zealous for God than David.  His reforms of Israel were deep, sweeping, and aligned with God’s intentions.  Should have made a difference right?  Nope.
The passion and commitment of a leader for God is not enough to save a nation...
In 2 Kings 23:26 – 27, God declares that even thought Josiah did all that could have been expected it was not enough to redeem the nation from the damaging leadership of Manasseh.  The damage to the character of the nation was so deep that even Josiah’s deep, sweeping, and radical reforms were not enough to stem the tide of God’s wrath.  The reason?  Josiah stood alone.  Look at the kings immediately following Josiah.  They were evil.

One man’s passion, however deep, does not redeem the damage done by a people committed to sin.  Josiah repented, his nation did not.  They went into captivity.

We should be about not only building our relationship with Christ, but also sharing that with others.