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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ever Deepening

I am working through the summary of Philippians.  I have been working with a group of men on the book for the past couple of months – by the way the way we approached the book is something that I would recommend for your study.  We started with an overview of the book, studied each section separately, and now are putting the book back together.  We went from the whole to the parts and back to the whole again.  Anyway…
There is no limit to the depth of the Word of God...
When I did the overview of the book this time it seemed to me that 2:5 was the key verse.  As I am working through the summary I am changing that to 2:3 – 4.  I am beginning to think that everything after 2:3 – 4 is illustrative of that attitude.  I am still validating that thought.

The point of this is that regardless of how many times you have studied a book.  No matter how many times you have chosen a key verse or outlined a book, there is still more to learn in the text.  The more familiar with the book you become, the more you soak in the text, the more and clearer you will see.

In just about every workshop I lead we use 2 Peter.  I have lost count of how many times I have studied that book.  Yet every time I return to Peter’s words I see something new.  That is the depth of this gift that the Lord has left us.  We will never, no matter how long or hard we try plumb its depths.

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