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Sunday, November 18, 2012


At times I am puzzled by believers.  What puzzles me most are activities that are promoted as Christian events that either do not involve the Word of God or else present the Word at the level of opinion.
Why would Christians attempt worship or reaching others without the Word of God?  Or else by not taking a firm stand on what it says?
If the purpose of an event is meant to introduce or move people closer to Christ, I have heard it said that one has to be careful with the Word at those types of events or non-Christians may be offended.  I am not sure how one can tell a person that they are condemned to eternal punishment and torment unless they receive Christ’s gift without challenging their life choices at some level.  It is not an easy message to deliver.  But one thing we do know from Hebrews 4:12 – 13, the Word of God will pierce.  One does not have to believe it.  It will pierce regardless.

The second approach is, if possible, more baffling.  When addressing a controversial issue the position stated in the Word is presented as an option to the current World view.  Option?  I am not sure how the one who created the world and all who are in it and then chose to reveal Himself and His thoughts in a Book; how that one’s opinions can be optional.

It seems to me that the Church is afraid to offend or disturb.  Yet a cursory reading of the Gospels seems to reveal a Christ who offended and disturbed on a regular basis.  If we are supposed to be following Him, as His apprentices, it seems that the message we share, should at some level offend and disturb…

Am I missing something here?


  1. I seems to me that communication is one key here. True, I don't really need to be so concerned with people's responses, or lack of them. But I sense from several angles that I do need to pay attention to how I am communicating. To pick an extreme example, if I were to go out on the street and read through a megaphone from the Greek NT it would be Truth, but would likely be a matter of scorn rather than a help. If I speak to a six-year old like a I might appeal to a college professor, it would not have much appeal, I don't believe. I personally feel the way I communicate to people needs a lot more attention from me that I tend to give it. It also seems to me that Christ spoke appropriately to differently types of people. No stock responses from Him!

    That being said, the truth of this post is incontrovertible! The God who created the world and mankind has given us an "owner's manual" explaining how things work and how to maintain them. Change the oil? Too expensive over the life of a car. Good tires, adequate brake pads? A whole lot more expensive. Red light on the dash? Always inconvenient. I can make it go away with a piece of decorative tape.

    That's a whole lot less serious than ignoring, minimizing or obfuscating God's principles for live in the name of whatever: tolerance, fear, etc.

    Hold the lamp high, Mike!

    1. One absolutely has to work to properly communicate the Word to one's audience. Could not agree more.

      Bottom line. The Word has to be communicated.