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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Truth Unassailable

John 14:6 is a very familiar passage.  As you know Christ declares three things for Himself.  I would like to take a moment and look at the second, “the Truth,” and some of the implications of that declaration for us.
Truth will stand up to any examination.  There is no need to fear questions.

There are people I know who hold onto Christ in fear.  By that I mean that they refuse to consider or talk to people who disagree with them for fear that somehow their faith or their view of Christ and His work will be shaken and they will leave the faith.

That is not faith.  What they hold as truth may in fact not be.

Our passage tells us Christ is truth.  If that is true, I am convinced that it is, no manner of question, assault, or examination can change that.  Bring it on.  If my faith is challenged and reveals some aspect of my understanding of Christ that is deficient, that is a gift.  For the reality is my understanding of Christ is deficient, by definition.  Isaiah 55:9 -10 promises me that I will not understand Him fully, ever.  That does not diminish the fact that He is truth.  But it does demand that I continue to pursue that truth.  If I do not continue to stretch my understanding of both Him and how He is working in this world, I am at best stagnant and at worst choosing to worship a false God.  As one of my friends put it, the Christian life is a continual journey out of idolatry into true worship.

Welcome challenges to your faith as opportunities to dive deeper into the Truth that is Christ.

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