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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Overwhelming Grace

Are you ever blown away by the magnitude and depth of God’s grace?  Consider for a moment Psalm 125:5, on the surface not so encouraging.  Yet look at God’s action in this verse.  Those who turn away are led…  God stays with them even as they are turning away.
Even an overwhelming ocean of sin is no match for God's overwhelming grace.
Now look at Psalm 130:3 -4.  I totally get verse 3.  If He were to keep track of all my sin, the garbage that goes through my mind, my bad attitudes, there would be no hope.  But there is hope, verse 4 is stunning.  There is forgiveness with Him.  The last part just floors me.  The fact that there is forgiveness sets the table for our fear of Him.  Fear here must have the force of awe, reverence essentially worship.

When we come to grips with the depth of our iniquity our utter hopeless condemned state and realize that with Him there is absolution for the asking, Luke 23:39 – 43, the only rational response is worship.