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Monday, August 20, 2012

Follow Through

Today, actually the next couple of weeks are really full.  The prep for some training I am conducting is taking a lot of my time and energy.  The schedule is tight.  A few weeks back a friend of mine asked me to review a book he and another friend had co-authored with a third person.  I agreed and he sent me the text and an evaluation form.  As of yesterday I had not completed the task.
When we commit we have to follow through.
Psalm 15 is one of those passages that I would rather not be in the Word, especially the last phrase in verse 4.  One cannot duck the integrity requirement.  So as I was struggling through my schedule this AM I realized that I had not followed through as promised.  Rats.

I cannot and will not claim that I always do follow through on what I promise.  There have been times that I have failed and those times eat at me.  But this time I chose well.  I stopped what I was doing and honored the commitment I had made to my friends.

There are at least two lessons here for me.  First, as it says in Psalm 15:4, do what I say I will do even if it hurts.  Second, do not always say yes.