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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Psalm 73 is a passage the Lord seems to be continually bringing to mind.  This morning as I started reading it – has this ever happened to you?  You find yourself looking at the words; even noticing what they are but the content is not penetrating?  You are thinking about something else.  That happens with me in really familiar passages.  It is how I started this morning in Psalm 73.  Back on track – I fought through the fog by starting over and praying that the Lord would help me focus…
When we are mad at God Asaph tells us in Psalm 73 that we are beasts.
I noticed in 21 – 24 the result of my attitude toward God.  Asaph said that when he was angry, bitter with God he was like a beast.  Beasts are portrayed in scripture as unreasoning (1 Peter 2:12).  They wander around, simply focused on survival and procreation.  Asaph describes the condition as senseless.

If I am honest, I have been like that in my relationship with God.  There are times when I am embittered against Him.  I figure that He has done things wrong.  He sure doesn’t do things like I would.  The grace here is that in those times He takes me by the right hand and guides me into truth.  Amazing.

Here I am a pipsqueak of a beast and the Lord, the majestic creator of the universe deigns to engage in my senselessness and lead me through it into truth.  What an overwhelmingly loving God we follow.