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Thursday, August 23, 2012


This morning Psalm 92:5 is the passage that spun me out.  By that I mean from that passage I started chasing the truth that God’s knowledge and thought is deeper that we can understand.  That journey took me to Psalm 36:6, Romans 11:33, Colossians 2:3, Isaiah 55:8 – 9, Job 11:7 – 12, and Isaiah 65:1 – 7.  If you spend any time at all in the Word looking at the person of God you are rapidly confronted by His infinite majesty.  In this case the infinite nature of His knowledge and wisdom.  When you consider that He thought it all up and holds it all together, it is not so much of a stretch.
God's knowledge and wisdom is so vast, infinite, we cannot hope to know Him completely.  So do we just give up?
As I thought through that this morning it brought me close to despair.  For the reality is if I pursue Him hard all of my life I will not scratch the surface in getting to know Him.  That is because – and I know this will be a shock – I am not infinite.

There are at least two possible reactions to this.  First, I can just throw up my hands and give up in despair.  After all there is no way I will ever get to know Him completely, it is futile, so why try?  The other is to accept what Christ promised in John 16:13 that we will be led in this process into all truth.

The mind blowing thing is that He has chosen to reveal Himself at any level and that He leads us through the process.