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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Personal Again

A while back I wrote about Peter's answer to Christ's question at Caesarea Philippi.  I made the point that Peter's declaration was to name Jesus' office, He was THE Christ, and that the declaration was not personal, you are MY Christ.  I found this same pattern again.
With God all distances are intimate.
Read through 1 Samuel 15:20- 31, This is where Saul has disobeyed Samuel's clear direction from the Lord.  In the dialog that follows Saul's disobedience, note how he refers to the Lord.

Like Peter, Saul refers to the Lord as THE Lord and YOUR Lord, he never says that I have disobeyed MY Lord.  The telling thing to me is in verse 30, when Saul pleads with Samuel after he has been told that the kingdom has been torn from him.  At that point he still does not personalize his relationship with God.  His request is to be allowed to worship Samuel's God.

Our triune God is not some abstract, distant, esoteric concept.  He is intensely and personally engaged in our lives as we saw yesterday in Psalm 139.  When we disobey, He is personally offended, this is not like breaking some impersonal law, like speeding, it is a personal affront.  Saul's replacement, David, got that.  Contrast David's response to his sin in Psalm 51 with Saul's response here.

When we disobey God, it is personal.

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