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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Not sure where to start.  This may have to be more than one day.  Look at Psalm 138:1 – 3.  Get a sheet of paper or better your journal, take a few minutes, and write down what you see, then get back to me.
One of the prerequisites to having my soul strengthened - pour my heart out in thankfulness to God.
I do not know which of those three verses grabbed you first, but for me it was verse 3.  I was immediately drawn to the idea that God would strengthen my soul – I am in desperate need of a strengthened soul.  That verse 3 is what grabbed at me is somewhat odd – for my passion is in verse 2 – more on that later.

Notice here what we do:
  • Give thanks
  • Sing praises
  • Bow down
  • Give thanks
Take those one at a time – yeah this is going to spill over for at least a couple of days.

The Psalmist said here that we are to give thanks with all of our heart.  That brings to mind Romans 12:1.  We are to come to the Lord not with a simple thank you, but as to one who has not only given us life, but then saved that life by intervening when we put ourselves in danger.  No, we did not just put ourselves in danger, we chose a path that resulted in our death.  He gave us life again.  Through the death of His son.  That requires more than a simple thanks.