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Saturday, January 21, 2012


When they are young, our kids parrot our beliefs.  They like to be around mom and dad and they seek our approval.  That changes.  Which is one of the reasons it is crucial to wean our kids off of our faith so it is theirs.  It is crucial that their faith becomes their own and the sooner that happens the more able they will be able to stand against the forces in this world that come against their trust in Christ.

John 4:42 gives us a clue as to how to make this important transition.  The people in the Samaritan village at first believed because the woman told them what Jesus has said to her.  Much like when we share with our children or others to whom we speak about Christ.  This drew the townspeople to see Christ personally.  When they begin to interact for themselves with Christ, their faith, their belief was because they had seen Him personally.

As fathers, or friends, we need to facilitate this shift with our children and those the Lord allows us to help with their relationship with Christ.  Rather than answering all of their questions, we have to show them how to find the answers themselves.  They need to engage with the Lord personally.  That means that we will have to show them how to meet with the Lord in prayer and in His Word.

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