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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good Nutrition

If you have been reading this blog semi regularly, you probably have figured out that this is about getting men engaged in the Word of God in such a way that they are able to lead others, first their families, in it.  There will always be at least two consistent themes here.  First, the primacy of the Word of God in any believer’s life, that is the absolute necessity of the Word in following Christ.  Second, the necessity of each individual believer to personally engage with the Word of God, that means hear, read, study, memorize, and meditate on it.

To live physically, we have to have nourishment.  If we do not continually take on nourishment we will first become lethargic, then we will lose the ability to reason, and eventually our bodies with shut down.  The kinds of food we eat also have an impact.  Nutritionists are continually working to educate us on the proper foods to eat and the types of foods to avoid.  One of the things that they tell us to avoid is a steady diet of fast and/or processed food; instead we are to eat vegetables and lean meat.  The same things can be said about our spiritual lives.  We need to continually take on the nourishment of the Word.  Preprocessed spiritual food, others books about the Word, are not to be our steady or primary diet.

One of the reasons we tend to drift toward processed and fast food in our physical life is time.  It is just easier and quicker to grab a burger or pizza than it is to fix a good balanced meal.  Same thing is true with prepared spiritual food.  We do not have to struggle with the preparation.  We can just take on what someone else has prepared.  In doing that we miss the value of the struggle of preparation, plus we are captive to the skill of the one who prepared the meal.

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