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Monday, January 30, 2012


All of us face difficulty.  The level of difficulty seems proportional to our age.  As adults we feel like we struggle with bigger issues.  Probably true.  Age should increase perspective.  However, suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in teens.  While their difficulties may not seem as big, to them they are huge, life altering and life threatening.  So one of the responsibilities we have as dads is to equip our kids for life’s difficulties.  The life of David can give us some guidance on how to do this.

In 1 Samuel 21:10 – 15, David is in the midst of a dire circumstance.  He has Saul trying to kill him and he has chosen to flee to the Philistines, who are not his best friends, he had earlier killed their champion remember.  His life is in danger – from two different directions.  One could argue that one of the dangers was caused at least partially by a bad choice, seeking refuge with his enemies.

His response is recorded for us in Psalm 56:3 – 4, note the sequence:

  • When I am afraid
  • I put my trust in You
  • In God, whose word I praise
  • In God I have put my trust 
  • I shall not be afraid.

Note that he repeats this sequence in verses 9 – 12 but adds two phrases.  I want to explore this with you further, but first I would like to hear what you see as the keys here.  I will share my thoughts on this tomorrow.


  1. Interesting chiastic structure to the outline provided. Points to the centrality of the word of Yahweh as the anchor for courage and faith.

    1. You and your chiasms ;-). Yep, that is a great observation.