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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Anchor 2

[Note: Just before writing this I noticed a typo in yesterday’s post, which I immediately corrected.  The third bullet point erroneously said, “In God, whose Word is praise,” rather than, “I praise.”  Key error]

Yesterday we left David in a bit of a pickle.  Saul was trying to kill him and David had taken refuge with his enemies who were of like mind with Saul.  I asked you to take a look at David’s response to the situation by looking at Psalm 56:3 – 4; 9 – 12.  This sequence of responses provides a good template response to terrifying situations.  It is a good anchor not only for us to use as adults but also something with which we should equip our children.

In this dire situation David put his trust in God.  Ok.  But look at what allowed him to do that, revealed in the second phrase, “in God, whose word I praise.”  He was trusting in God’s word to him and about him.  Remember in 1 Samuel 16:11 – 16, David was anointed king over Israel.  He knew God had called him to be king.  He had not yet taken that role physically but was, nevertheless, king.  He placed his trust in that word.  The evidence for that is in verse 12.  He recognizes that God’s plan, God’s vow about David is binding.  If he was anointed king, he will be king.  But this was not without struggle for David.  I am encouraged by the repetition of the commitment to trust God in 9 – 11.  It indicates to me the struggle through the fear to choose to trust God on the basis of His promise, His word, His vow, and His ability to fulfill His promise, His word, and His vow.

David entered into the dire circumstance with the word, vow, and promise.  The lesson for me, us, our kids, is that we need to be armed with that understanding of His word before we enter into dire circumstances.  We need to be settled that God has formed us for a purpose, Psalm 139; that we are His workmanship to do specific works which He has set for us, Ephesians 2:8 – 10.  Finally that He will work through all of our circumstances to enable us to fulfill that purpose, Romans 8:28.  That is the anchor for us and our children.  We need it, they need it, before we sail into the storm.

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