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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Short Time

As you got ready for church this morning, wrestling with your kids to get them presentable, it probably did not cross you mind that you will not be wrestling with them very long. They leave you after 18 years. That may seem like an eternity to you today. It is not. The communication window is actually shorter than that. Communication becomes harder after 12 or 13, so really you have from the time they begin to understand you until about 12 to build the bridges you will need to get them through the adolescent years, which by some accounts not last until the late 20s (joy).

What you do with them during that short window, for the most part, is going to set the tone and foundation for your communication with them. When they leave you, what do you want them to take with them? What truths do you want to insure that their exposure to will weather the attacks their college and the world will throw at them? They will have to move those truths from what your exposure to their core beliefs, but if you do not start the process, you are trusting others to do that for you.

So what are some of the key things that you want your kids to learn? What are you going to do specifically to make sure that they are exposed to these truths? Please share so others will benefit from your thoughts.

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