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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Getting the Most Out of Church

If your family is like ours you went to and took your kids to church this morning.  One of the first posts in the blog talked about the impact of what we tell our kids about church has on them.  After they are there, what can we tell them or ask them to get the most out of their time there.  It is our responsibility to help them learn as much as they can during that time.

If they are younger, find out from the teachers what they are covering in their Sunday school or in the children’s church.  On the way home ask questions that help them remember the content and perhaps ask what they learned from the story, share briefly what that story means to you.  Don’t preach just casually share what you like about that story.

If they are staying in “big church” with you, you will have to work with them to help them learn to get the most out of the time there.  You may want to explain how each part of the service works with the others and why we do them that way.  Challenge them to keep track of the passages that the pastor uses during his message.  Have them write the passage down.  With maybe one thought that the pastor brought out or something they thought of as he was talking about the passage.  One trick to get the passages down is to write down the chapter and verse before you write down the book.  It is generally easier to remember the book than the numbers.  Later during the day or week you can invest a few minutes reviewing what they thought about what the pastor said.

Do not overdo this.  Keep it simple, you are reinforcing the pastor's message and by the conversation teaching you kids to take responsibility to process the message into their lives.

What do you think about this idea?  We did this but could have done better.

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