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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Stealth Christianity

Ever know someone who wanted to be a stealth Christian?  You know, keep it a secret?  Jesus tried sneaking in somewhere once.
Stealth Christianity

Look at Mark 7:24 (here @ Bible Gateway).  Jesus entered Tyre and wanted no one to know.  He failed, He could not escape notice.

That last phrase challenged me.  Do I escape notice as a believer?  If so, is that right?  Peter tells me that I am supposed to be always ready to give an account to anyone who asks about the hope that is in me.  It seems like Peter expects it to be obvious that I am a believer.  At the moment there is not a line of people at my front door clamoring to understand the hope that is in me.

Jesus, couldn’t meet with friends in a house without folks ripping a hole in the roof to get to him (Mark 2:1 – 13 (here @ Bible Gateway)).  So far, my roof is intact.

I realize that I am not Jesus.  While I have prayed for people to be healed; I do not know of any miraculous healing that resulted from my prayer, well maybe one.  The point is, there seems to be a thread through the New Testament, that our faith should not be a secret.  There are some possible exceptions to that in some countries.  But, the “normal” situation would seem to be that my relationship with the Lord would be obvious to people.

For me, I am not sure that it is.  That is troubling.

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