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Monday, January 6, 2020

Benefit or Not

Jeremiah 23 (here @ Bible Gateway) is a chapter to which I have referred a lot in this blog, 23 different posts.  There are a couple of other passages I have referenced more often, but this one is important.

Benefit or Not

Note Jeremiah 23:32 (here @ Bible Gateway).  Look at what the Lord is against:
Those who prophesy false dreams – you could read prophesy proclaim or preach
Those who lead people astray with those false dreams
Those who boast recklessly

The phrase that floors me is that these people, who are not sent by God, do not furnish the slightest benefit too the people.

In contrast, verse 28 (here @ Bible Gateway) states that the leader should be sharing the Word of God with those in his charge.

The benefit of what we share with our family or those whom the Lord has put in our orbit to help is not our ideas or thoughts, like the false dreams of the prophets, that does not provide the slightest benefit.  What does have benefit is the Word of God.  The onus seems to be on me to engage, abide in the Word to the extent that it is natural to share what I have seen to my family or others I have been given the privilege to help.

That may seem obvious.  However, I have witnessed and experienced Christian meetings and seminars in which there was little or no Bible content.  If I am reading Jeremiah 23:32 (here @ Bible Gateway) correctly, those meetings and seminars did not have the slightest benefit.

Personally, I want to make a difference.  It seems to be what the Lord wants of me.  If I want to do so, it seems clear that I must saturate myself, John calls it abide, in God’s Word.

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