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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Christian Life by Proxy

If you own any stock or participate in a 401k or retirement fund, you may from time to time receive proxy statements.  You are asked to vote on issues pertaining to the management of the entity and then send that in to be presented to the annual meeting by proxy.  Someone else casts your vote for you.

Christian Life by Proxy

There are times when it seems that some in the church choose to live the Christian life by proxy.  They want someone else to live it for them, that usually means the leaders of their church.

That is hardly a new behavior.  Look at Jeremiah 37:2 – 3 (here @ Bible Gateway).  The leader Zedekiah couldn’t be bothered to listen to Jeremiah share the Word of the Lord.  Yet, they did not have any hesitation to ask Jeremiah to pray to the Lord on their behalf.

Not interested in obedience or following the Lord.  No problem letting someone else do that for you.  Just want the benefit and not the bother of the obedience.

At the end of the seminars I do to equip men to study the Bible on their own so they can more effectively lead their children in their walk with the Lord, I have had men tell me that they did not want to do the work, they just wanted someone to tell them what to believe.

In John 15:1 – 16 (here @ Bible Gateway), John, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, repeats the word abide 11 times in those 16 verses.  It might be important.  We find that we are to abide in Christ, and we are to have His word abide in us, so that we can produce fruit that abides.

There doesn’t seem to be a proxy arrangement for any of that.

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