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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Models of Prayer

Do you struggle with prayer?  I do.  I have been helped by studying the prayers in the Bible.  That started with Paul as I shared some time ago, as I shared here.

Models of Prayer

There are also prayers in the Old Testament.  Psalms, of course, are full of great examples.  There are others as well.  While I will not attempt to catalog them here, there is one which I have found really helpful in praying for those who have chosen to serve the body as leaders.

Ruth 2:12 – Its worth the time to read so:
“May the LORD reward your work,
and your wages be full from the LORD, the God of Israel,
under whose wings you have come to seek refuge.” 
The content of Boaz’s blessing on Ruth, seems to me to be a great model of prayer for those who serve.  I would especially pray this for those who are laboring in situations that are challenging and or personally dangerous.


  1. A great topic, Mike and timely for me. The other day I asked myself why I had such a struggle with prayer, why I found it so difficult. Several thoughts came to mind, but over a period of a few days of asking myself that question as I came to the Lord in the mornings for prayer was very uncomfortable, more of a rebuke.

    I wasn't sure I REALLY believed God would (was) answer my prayers. That led to a wonderful time of reflecting on several promises that He did hear, and He would answer, according to His will. Several factors are involved in this, of course; timing - not now but in My time. I'm not praying His will, His promises but my own desires. And of course the devil is always lurking, seeking to sow seeds of doubt when the soil of my heart is vulnerable.f

    AS we all know the prayers of the Bible cover every possible situation I may encounter, hence the absolute necessity of being in the Scriptures (ALL the Scriptures) constantly.

    Some months ago I picked up the Bible Sharon was using in the months before her death (I don't really know long). I was staggered at the extent it was underlined (her favorite form of marking), and I realized what she was doing: praying over the the verses. She had no doubts about whether God answered or what to pray. No wonder she was sought out by so many for prayer.

    1. Thanks for this. It is really good and in fact, supports the point I am trying, poorly, to make in the next post...