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Monday, August 12, 2013

The Body

Yesterday I mentioned that I was leaving this weekend to equip some folks who are not Texans to study the Bible.  Typically when these trips occur stuff happens.  I have figured out over the years that the enemy of our Lord does not much like me doing this.  This trip has been no exception.
If we serve we do not serve alone...  Thoughts at DTTB.
This morning we seem to have lost our translator.  The one that was going to translate for me when the non-Texan pastor was speaking.  The individual that agreed to translate the materials has been MIA all weekend.  While we can make it work without the handout, it would be much better with it.

Also I will miss next weeks session of Dads Teach the Bible and need someone to take that session.

Yesterday at church three guys agreed to lead the session next week.

This morning I sent out our weekly prayer update to those who are praying for this ministry.  In a matter of minutes, one of the men who gives and prays for this ministry shot me an email telling me he was sitting next to a person who could translate the file for me.

I have gotten several emails today from people who are praying for the situation.

We are all given gifts, abilities, and resources.  They are not for us.  They are for building up and encouraging one another.  The last two days, I have been on the receiving end.  Next week the men who are going with me and I will be the ones serving, but we are only able to do so because of the focused engagement of the Body.

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