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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Guard Your Steps

Ecclesiastes is one of those books that can give us some trouble.  We have to get into the mindset of Solomon to really engage.  That being said, being a “wisdom” book there are some passages in there that regardless of our understanding of the book as a whole, there is real benefit in our reading, studying, and applying to our life.
As believers we can call God Abba, does that mean we should just rush into His presence?  Thoughts at DTTB.
5:1 – 7 is one of those passages.  There is a lot here so it may take more than a day or so to explore but the time will be well spent.

To begin with consider 5:1.  Solomon gives good advice here.  When we draw near to God we, as He told Moses, are treading on holy ground.  It is true that we as adopted sons and daughters are allowed to call Him Abba.  But He is God.  It is good not to just rush into His presence.  It is good to come to Him not with our usual laundry list of wants and needs rather to be in His presence to listen, to enjoy the “good part,” Luke 10:42, to sit at His feet and listen.

How?  By spending extended time just soaking in His Word and Praying what you see back to Him.  Most of us are in too big of a rush when we are working through our time in the Bible.  We have important things to do.  Like…  You know stuff that is more important than listening to the Creator of the Universe.

I know that I need to guard my steps and draw near to listen.