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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Foundation of Praise

You ever have anxious moments?  I have been that way most of the morning.  I have a major trip starting tomorrow morning and up to this point I have been really calm, but for some reason I have been anxious all morning with the nagging feeling I am forgetting something.  I have been praying Philippians 4:6 – 7 but there was still that anxious prickling…
What is the basis of our praise of God?  Thoughts at DTTB.
Then I read Psalm 103 – it never ceases to amaze me how God’s Word engages with me exactly where and when I need it.  I noticed in the Psalm that the command was to bless the Lord, the command is repeated 6 times in my version.  I did not feel much like blessing anything…  Then verse 19 re-caged my gyros.  19 gives the foundation for our praise, our blessing of God.  He is sovereign over all.  My long layovers, my un-translated materials, whether I will be able to complete what I need to complete in time, all of the meetings next week, whether all of the team arrives in time, He is sovereign over all of that.

The reason I can bless Him, praise Him, rest in Him is that regardless of my effort, He is in control.  Sometimes I forget that and need His gentle reminder.  That is what He did for me this morning in Psalm 103.