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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blinding Passion

A few days ago I mentioned Psalm 106:13 – 15.  For a few minutes let’s revisit that passage.
Is what we really want, what God wants?  Thoughts at DTTB.
Have you ever really wanted something, and it could be something really good, really badly?  I mean you were so fixated on pursuing that “something” that everything else sort of grayed out?  The only thing you saw clearly was your goal?

I have.  It is a dangerous place to be.  Especially if that goal, that something is not a something that God wants you to pursue.  I pursued a business for years that consumed nearly all of my resources, I clearly saw where it could go, how great it could be.  Other things were grayed out, more important things.

Before that it was a ministry to which I was deeply committed.  I was giving all I had to it.  That is a good thing is it not?  Not if the “good thing” is more important than God.

God forcibly removed me from both of those situations.  It was grace.  Massive grace.  He could have done what He did with Israel and “sent a wasting disease.”

Our passion, our gifts, are not ours to direct in the way we wish.  We are stewards of those gifts to employ them in the manner, time, place, and choosing of the One who gave them to us.  It is His passion that is important.  We must submit ours to His or risk being blinded to His best for us.