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Friday, August 30, 2013


I just spent a week in Elbonia (not really – if you read Dilbert you would know that already – but I will always, from now on refer to places that are hostile to Christianity as Elbonia because I want to go back).
Are we all Elbonians or not?  Thoughts at DTTB.
Anyway in Elbonia we were sharing the same approach to Scripture that we teach in the workshops here.  The learning curve was steep, but it is here as well.  One of the men told me that the reason that they did not engage with the Bible this way and would have challenges applying what we were sharing is that all Elbonians were lazy.  He said they would rather be told what the text said that figure it out for themselves.

My response to him was that all of the people I know in the United States must be Elbonian.  Laziness is not the exclusive domain of Elbonians or Americans.  It is human nature.  We do not like to expend effort.  We would much rather have someone tells us the answer than figure it out ourselves, we would rather use a remote than get up to change the channel, etc.

The problem with all of that is that the one who does the work is the one who benefits.  It is in the struggle with trying to comprehend what the Spirit of God is saying in the Word of God that He shows up and leads us into truth.

So we all need to abandon our Elbonian tendency to laziness and engage in the hard work of seeking God in His Word.