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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Nagging Thoughts
You may have read Proverbs 16:9.  That pretty much describes my day today.  All this evening I have been thinking that I have forgotten something important.  I just figured out what it is.  I had not written the blog yet.
When things do not go as planned, that may be God.  Thoughts at DTTB.
The day has been fractured by frustration and joy.  Frustration because of an aging computer that has told me unnecessarily that it was “not responding” more time than I can count today and specifically in the space of about 40 minutes when I was really in a rush to get four tasks complete.  It think there is some sensor somewhere in the keyboard or mouse that detects when I am in a hurry and directs the CPU to clock down.

Joy because one of our granddaughters was too sick to stay at day care – well we were not happy that she was sick – and she came to our house, well I picked her up and brought her here.  She got to feeling better and played with her grandmother all afternoon.  I was able to play with her while the computer was “not responding.”  After work her mom, our daughter came and they practiced crawling and squealing at each other – apparently squealing has become part of learning to crawl.  My wife nearly fell out of the chair laughing.

Mixed Results
The day started really well with a good discussion during the Wednesday morning study which the church erroneously announced as canceled last Sunday so our breakfast and most of the men did not show up.  Those of us there had a good time.  Then I met with a couple to discuss their one degree.  Great time with them.  After that is when the frustration and joy entered the picture.

Sovereign Control
I am learning, albeit slowly, that Proverbs 16:9 is another reflection of God’s sovereignty over my life.  My plans are therefore always tentative.  Regardless of how important I think what I need to do is.  God’s plan – His direction trumps it.  I just struggle to remember that in the moment.

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