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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Push Back

We need each other.  As I have told you here before I have a Tuesday morning study with some men who I collectively have know for about 130 years.  They are an incredible resource for several reasons.
We - at least I - need men I trust to give me feedback on my ideas.  Thoughts at DTTB.
First, they do not let me get away with anything.

Second, I respect each of their understanding of the Word of God.

Third, I actively seek out their opinion.

That happened last week.  I saw something in Ephesians that I wanted them to think through with me.  I sent them a portion of my study.  One of the men sent me back a long response and partial critique.  I am traveling this week and have not had time to look at it in detail, but scanning it I can tell there is both some valuable insight there along with some things that on the first read with which I may not agree.

But he did me the honor of working through my thinking and responding in kind.  I need that.  You need that.  It is more valuable than words can express.

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