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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Read Psalm 119:20.
How closely does our attitude toward God's Word align with what the Bible says it should be?  Thoughts at DTTB.
How many people do you know that can honestly say that is their attitude toward the Word of God?

I do not know many.  If you don’t either, does that intrigue you?  Jesus said that we should abide in His Word, John 15:7, yet I have attended more than one Christian event where the Bible was not opened or referenced.  I have a handout entitled a Biblical definition of Community on which there is not a single Biblical reference.

If our soul is not crushed with longing for God’s Word; for what is it crushed?  What in the heck are we doing in our communities if we are not hard after God through His Word?  Where else can we go?  What is keeping us, distracting us from a crushing longing for God’s Word?

This is not the only place this type of attitude toward the Word shows up; look at Job 23:12.

How do we encourage and develop that kind of crushing hunger?

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