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Monday, April 20, 2015

Proud and Grateful

It was not easy and it was costly.  But all four of my kids, their wives, and the four grandchildren the older two have, came to my in law's 90th birthday party.  It was a financial and logistical challenge.  They are all back at home now, almost, my youngest and his wife either have just landed or are about to land.  My wife and I will drive back tomorrow morning.
Proud and Grateful
14 of these people are me, my wife, my kids, their spouses, and their kids.
We have prayed and taught them to honor their grandparents.  It was not always apparent that they were absorbing all of the things that we were attempting to teach them.  You may have had a similar experience with your kids.  But here was a time when it was obvious that they had taken something to heart.

Not only did they make the effort, and it is an effort to travel with two toddlers on a plane or in a car for 10 hours.  It is also an effort to arrange to get off when you are in residency, or to work extended hours on a project so you can come.  Not only did they come, they served.  They served by doing small things like mixing and pouring punch, keeping water and punch glasses filled, holding umbrellas for people to get in their cars, and all without being asked.

I know that it is not just our instruction that produces this result.  It is the work of Christ in each of their lives.  I am grateful to Him for answered prayer.

You may have noticed that this parent gig is not an easy one.