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Sunday, April 26, 2015


I am three weeks in to the second time facilitating the Predestination and Free Will, Sunday school class.  Last Sunday I was out.  One of the men who has been in our Thursday morning group and was in the last class in which I taught this.  He taped it for me so I could follow the class.

One of the consistent issues that comes up in discussing this topic is the nature of God’s foreknowledge.  One of the ways it is defined by many is that God chooses those who He knows will accept Him.  That came up in this session last week.
Today we talked through that using the diagram above.

The person on the top accepts Christ.  The one on the bottom does not.  God is shown on the left choosing.  I asked what was the difference in the people on the right?  The obvious answer is that one chooses Christ and one does not.  If God chooses because the person on top chooses Christ, then He chose him based on merit.  The merit is that person chose and the other did not.  So the one who chose has reason for boasting.


Ephesians 2:8 – 9 says that we are not able to boast.  Because our salvation is by grace, unmerited.  That definition of foreknowledge does not work.