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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Starting Over

This morning I started the Free Will and Predestination Sunday school class again.  I learned a lot the last time.  It informed this iteration.
Starting Over
The major thing I want to communicate is that it is important how we think as believers.  Our thinking has to be transformed as Paul says in Romans 12:2.  Philippians reinforces that idea.  Thirty eight times in a hundreds and four verses Paul uses words that communicate thinking, mindset, and other words that deal with the way we think.  That is dense repetition.

We typically base our thinking on what we have been taught, what we have read, or what we have experienced.  But our responsibility is to do what the Bereans did with Paul in Acts 17:11, we need to check all that we hear and read against the Scripture.

The problem is the Church has not done that good a job of equipping us to actually do that well.  Many believers would be lost if they were asked to validate a message Biblically.  They would not know where to start.

That is the objective of this eight weeks.  I am looking forward to the challenge.

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