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Monday, April 13, 2015

Long Day, Long Week

Early this morning my 5 month old granddaughter had her serial biopsy.  She has been diagnosed with Hirschsprung's disease.  She also has difficulty seeing, though that may be getting better.  We will find out the result of the biopsy Wednesday.
Long Day, Long Week
Thursday, we leave to celebrate my in law’s 90th birthday.

Wednesday is tax day.  Joy.

In the midst of this my daughter, the one whose daughter had the biopsy this morning, and her husband sold their house and bought another, in the interim they moved in with us.  My office is in my home.  Their older daughter, 2, will come in and grab one of my fingers and pull.  That is her way of communicating that it is time for me to pay attention and play with her.

So, it is a bit of a challenge to get things done.

My son, a CPA, is doing my taxes, and though we started several weeks ago, his business is growing and most of his family got sick in the last few days.  So he is scrambling to get the forms ready for my wife to sign before she leaves in the morning.

We are living in the midst of an eight sided unsolved Rubik cube.

There are multiple meetings before I need to leave for the celebration.  Multiple logistical issues to solve.

The one thing that holds all of these challenges together is that I know who is in control.  It is not me.  I know that even if all of this falls apart, I can trust Him.

We all have weeks like this, sometimes years or longer periods.  The key to survival is perseverance.  Not the perseverance of slogging through the challenges.  No.  Rather the perseverance of abiding in Him and His Word.  It is only by that perseverance that we will maintain the proper perspective in the midst of the chaos that is life in this world.


  1. Great encouragement and challenge to have proper focus while persevering.
    Thank you, Mike. Much grace be with you all!

  2. Thanks for honest sharing and perspective. Praying with you.