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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Required of a King

This morning I was in a Bible study with a friend in another country.  We do this online with video.  We were in Jeremiah 21 – 22.  One of the main themes in Jeremiah is the abandonment of the rulers, prophets, and priests, the leaders, of Judah of the Word of God.  Chapter 23 is key on this.
Required of a King

My friend made a connection, a cross reference, to what we were studying in 21 – 22, Deuteronomy 17:14 – 20.  There the Lord says through the Law, that one of a kings responsibilities is to make a personal, handwritten copy of the Law, Genesis – Deuteronomy.  He is then to keep it with him and read it all the days of his life.  That was not happening in Jeremiah.

It occurs to me that passage, that law for the king, underscores the importance of the Word of God for all of us.  The purpose was so that the king would learn “to fear the Lord his God”.  We certainly need learn to fear God.  A friend of mine posted a comic on facebook, the picture above (this is the link but it is not a permalink so it may not work).  It is a list of  “Christian” best sellers.  It seems to me that none of those are going to function as well as Genesis – Deuteronomy, and or Joshua – Revelation in helping us to learn to fear God.

What’s going on with the Body?

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